Our investigative staff are keenly aware of the unique challenges associated with effectively investigating counterfeiting operations to produce the desired result be it, identification of the counterfeit; removal of the counterfeit product from the market place; or effectively putting a counterfeiter on notice of the rights at issue such that any future dealing in counterfeit can be conclusively held to have been done with knowledge. Our investigators know that finding the product and removing it from the market place is only part of the equation and accordingly the focus is typically on tracing the counterfeit goods through the distribution chain, from point of manufacture through to final point of sale.

In addition to our in-house investigative representatives, our group also relies on a group of dedicated licensed private investigators, located in various jurisdictions across Canada to assist, where required.

The expansion of counterfeiting and pirating over the internet has resulted in our firm being at the forefront of utilizing the latest open source search techniques and other investigative tools to obtain information leading to the identification and apprehension of internet criminals. We constantly update ourselves on the investigative tools available to us over the internet and combine them with our on the ground investigation expertise.